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Senator Barshinger

Dear Volunteer,

We welcome you as a volunteer. Although you can only vote once, by volunteering you can win dozens or even hundreds of votes and and return me to the Legislature.

I look forward to receiving your email or phone call. My email is senator_at_barshinger_dot_net. My home phone is 693-5000 and my cellular phone is 642-9955.

Please let me know what you like to do. Some people are shy and like to work behind the scenes, while others crave the excitement of door-to-door canvassing. Some like to email or telephone, while others like face-to-face contact. When we come together, doing what we like best, we can accomplish any task. And our main task is clear: To win the Primary and General Elections.

Here is list of some of the things for which we need volunteers. Please let me know which ones interest you!

  • Addressing & Preparing Mailings
  • Handling Mail Correspondence
  • Fundraising
  • Ride in the Sound truck
  • Writing Press Releases
  • Voter Registration Drives
  • Work with Computers
  • Have Candidate Speak to My Group
  • Canvassing Door to Door with Candidate
  • Find More Volunteers
  • Organize Groups of Volunteers
  • Host a Gathering (Coffee/Brunch) with Candidate
  • Put Up and Maintain Yard Signs
  • Strategic Planning
  • Arrange the Candidate's Schedule
  • General Organizational Skills
  • Work with Others on Any Project
  • Work Wherever There Is the Most Need.
  • Other

I look forward to receiving your email or telephone call!

Craig W. Barshinger

Campaign Address
Box 456-Cruz Bay
St. John, VI 00831
Tel: 340.693.5000