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Senator Barshinger

Dear Fellow Virgin Islanders,

Thank you for your support of my re-election campaign for Senator-at-Large!

If you've decided to donate and want to get right to it, click the Donate button to donate online using PayPal.

Why donate? In an ideal world, an election is about votes alone. Whoever receives the most votes is selected as the Senator-at-large.

In practice, money is important. It takes the right candidate, properly funded, to win an election. Each dollar contributed is converted into road signs, radio and TV ads, flyers, and campaign paraphernalia. Having these campaign materials increases visibility and will greatly contribute to my success as your Senator-at-large.

My campaign committee welcomes donations of any size. There is a limit of $1,000 per election, per donor. We very much appreciate these large donations. However even a $25 donation counts. That sum buys a prime-time radio spot or a pack of campaign brochures.

Please mail your check to:

Barshinger for Senate
Box 456 - Cruz Bay
St. John, VI 00831-0456

For your convenience, I have included a Donation button that will allow you to donate online using PayPal. My email is senator_at_barshinger_dot_net. When you donate, I would like to hear from you to confirm your donation.

Thank you once again for your generous support!

Your representative in the Virgin Islands Legislature,

Craig W. Barshinger

Campaign Address
Box 456-Cruz Bay
St. John, VI 00831
Tel: 340.693.5000