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Enacted Bills

Amendment to Title 10 prohibiting sexual harassment in the work place.26-0061.pdfUpdated:07/06/2006

Amendment to Title 28 providing for a Uniform Environmental Covenants Act of 2006.26-0064.pdfUpdated:07/06/2006

Amendment to Title 12 to enact the Uniform Conservation Easement Act.26-0124.pdfUpdated:07/06/2006

Proposed Bills

An act establishing the St. Croix Cruise Ship Commission to hasten the return of regular cruise ship visits to the island of St. Croix and making an appropriation. (Asssigned to the Committee on Economic Development, Planning and Environmental Protection)26-0314.pdfUpdated:09/11/2006

Universal Health Insurance for Employed Persons Act26-0194.pdfUpdated:10/23/2006

Co-sponsored Bills and Acts

To express the Legislature's opposition to the closure of any additional fishing grounds in the Virgin Islands, to include but not be limited to the proposed amendments to the Virgin Islands Fishery Management Plans, a result of the federal Magnuson Act.26-0002.pdfUpdated:07/17/2006

To honor and commend the members of the Virgin Islands Army and Air National Guard and all Virgin Islanders who have served in the Armed Forces.26-0012.pdfUpdated:07/17/2006

To provide for appropriations from the Tourism Advertising Revolving Fund to Department of Tourism to the Virgin Islands Puerto Rico Friendship Day Committee and to the Fredericksted Economic Development Association and for various other purposes. 26-0013.pdfUpdated:07/17/2006

Bill providing for an appropriation to establish three police substations on St. Thomas.26-0039.pdfUpdated:07/17/2006

To honor and commend Mrs. Billye Mayo for winning the national title of Ms. United States Classic26-0046.pdfUpdated:07/17/2006

Amendment to Title 17, section 23, providing for Judicial review of final decisions of the Board of Education. 26-0067.pdfUpdated:07/6/2006

Amendment to Title 3, chapter 3, enacting the Retirement System Reform Act of 2005.26-0071.pdfUpdated:07/6/2006

To amend title 17 adding chapter 45 establishing the National Guard Youth Challenge Program and to authorize the Program to award participants Adult High School Diplomas and for other purposes.26-0073.pdfUpdated:07/17/2006

To amend various section of title 3 Virgin Islands Code, chapter 25, relating to the appointment of government personnel. 26-0127.pdfUpdated:07/17/2006

To petition the Congress of the United States to amend section 2 of the Revised Organic Act of the Virgin Islands to allow the people of the Virgin Islands, through its Legislature, to determine where the capital and the seat of Government shall be located.26-0131.pdfUpdated:07/17/2006

To honor and commend the Virgin Islands Amateur Boxing Team for its participation in the Caribbean Amateur Boxing Association Championships and winning a record number of medals. 26-0143.pdfUpdated:07/17/2006

To honor and commend Ms. Gladys A. Abraham for her outstanding and dedicated service to the people fo the Virgin Islands and rename the Michael J. Kirwan Elementary School. "The Gladys A. Abraham Elementary School". 26-0153.pdfUpdated:07/17/2006

Amendment to Title 12A to enact the Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act of 2006.26-0166.pdfUpdated:07/6/2006

Bill granting zoning variance for parcel No. 5 Grunwald, No 12B Cruz Bay Quartet, St. John for the operation of a restaurant26-0179.pdfUpdated:07/6/2006

Bill granting zoning variance for parcel No. 5C Estate Adrian, No 18 Cruz Bay Quartet, St. John to allow retail trade and professional services. 26-0180.pdfUpdated:07/6/2006

Bill to petition the Congress of the United States of America,. The Department of Homeland Security, and the United States Congress to amend 33 code of Federal Regulations, Part 160 to exempt the Virgin Islands from the passenger reporting requirements.26-0183.pdfUpdated:07/6/2006

An act repealing and reenacting 7 VIC chapter 1 to provide for a sustainable farming industry, amending 19 VIC section 2301 to provide for the designation of a territorial veterinarian. 26-0205.pdfUpdated:07/6/2006

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